Electrical Maintenance You Can Check

Electrical Maintenance You Can Check

Like with many other systems in your home, it is vital to do an annual electrical inspection to ensure everything is running in tip-top shape. The electrical system in your home is like the body’s nervous system; it is essential to keep everything working smoothly and efficiently. While there are many aspects of an electrical inspection that need to be done by a professional, there are a few things that you can check yourself. 



We all want our homes to look neat and tidy, but we can’t do that at the expense of our safety. Some individuals run cords under rugs, place furniture on tops of them, or use them around water. This is BAD! All of these actions put your home at a high risk of starting a fire. Electrical cords need to be kept out from under rugs and furniture, away from water or any wet surfaces, and organized without risking your safety. Take the time to double-check that your cords are being used properly.


Extension Cords

Decorating a home fashionably can be hard when there aren’t many outlets, which leads people to use excessive extension cords. Extension cords are meant for temporary use only, and most are not designed to power large items like refrigerators or space heaters. If you are continually using extension cords, reorganize your home so that you don’t need to or hire an electrician to install more outlets in your home. It will keep you safer and be less of a mess! 

Plus, if you are using extension cords outside, double-check that they are outdoor approved beforehand. 


Frayed Wires

Is your old lamp starting to look a bit frayed? Or maybe it is your blender? Once wires begin to fray, they work less effectively and are at a fire risk of giving shocks or starting a fire. If you have a frayed wire attached to an appliance, you can replace it or repair it at a local shop. However, if the wire is a part of your electrical system, call a professional electrician to replace it. 


Old Outlets

Electrical outlets don’t last forever. At some point, they might become outdated, spark when inserting a plug, or be loose when the plug is inserted. When this is the case, it is crucial to make a note for when you have your next electrical inspection. Please keep track of which plugs need to be replaced and have the electrician do them all at the same time. 


Schedule an Electrical Inspection

Even the most talented DIYers don’t mess with electricity due to its deadly nature, which is why it is vital to call a professional electrician for any in-depth project. If you are looking for repairs, replacement, or even preventative maintenance for your electrical panels, wiring, outlets, light fixtures, cooktops, or anything involving the outdoors, you should hire an expert electrician. Completing these tasks is highly dangerous and takes a trained professional. 

It is also a wise choice to get an annual electrical inspection as well to catch anything that you missed or were unable to do yourself. Give your local electrician a call today for a quote. 

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