Winter is Coming: How to Prepare Your Electrical

Winter at Home

Winter is Coming: How to Prepare Your Electrical

Winter is nearly upon us! The leaves will soon change colors, the temperatures will drop, and we can start enjoying winter activities like drinking hot cocoa, reading by a fire, and making snowmen. What this also means that we are about to start using more electricity for light and heat. Plus, winter isn’t just snowflakes and sleigh rides; it also brings high winds, snowstorms, and power outages. So, before winter strikes, we need to prepare the electrical systems in our home.

Add Power Outlets

During the winter, you will be using more electricity than ever to keep your house warm and keep your family entertained. If everyone is suddenly using every outlet in the house, you may overload the system, causing a power failure. Therefore, it is time to add more. By adding more outlets to your home, you are evenly distributing your system’s power and ensure that all systems are running safely and efficiently.

Get Rid of Electricity Vampires

What is an electricity vampire, you ask? An electricity vampire is an appliance that continually sucks electricity even when it’s not in use; this happens when you leave them plugged in after you are done using them. This overuse can cause your electrical system to short-circuit. Before this happens, make sure to unplug any device that isn’t in use. If you have hard to reach outlets or complex systems, consider getting a safe outlet extension so that you can easily turn it off after use.

Recycle Old Equipment

Do you have outdated appliances? If so, you may be putting your family and home at risk for a fire. Outdated appliances with old wiring are usually not compatible with today’s systems, which can lead to deadly fires. We suggest either replacing the appliance or having it checked by a professional electrician before using it this winter. Speaking of fire, be sure to double-check your smoke and carbon dioxide detectors; the U.S. Fire Administration recommends that you replace the batteries at least once or twice a year, whether the detector notifies you of a needed battery change or not.

Check Your Home’s Exterior

What happens outside your home can affect you just as much as what’s going on inside. Before we get too far into autumn, you should complete a full check of your home’s exterior, including making sure that trees are cut back, so they don’t fall on power lines, and patching any leaks in your roof, gutters, or foundation.

Get an Electrical Inspection

One of the best steps that you can take to prepare your home for winter is getting an electrical inspection. A professional electrician will be able to identify and fix any problems with your electrical panel, wiring systems, and more. By doing a full sweep of your home, you can rest easy that everything is running at peak condition.

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