How to Teach Children Electrical Safety

Learning about electrical safety

How to Teach Children Electrical Safety

As a child, everything is a new adventure! While that is excellent for learning, it can become extremely hazardous when electricity gets involved. That is why it is critical to teach children electrical safety starting at a young age and reinforce it periodically as they grow older. Today, we are going to guide you in how to teach your children electrical safety!

Learn Together

Children are sponges, soaking up every bit of knowledge that gets shown to them. You can teach your children about electrical safety through various learning methods, including watching videos, online learning platforms, and reading!

Check out the resources that we have listed below and choose the ones appropriate for your child’s age!


Online Platforms


Show, Tell, and Practice

After teaching your children about what electricity is, how it works, and its dangers, it is time to show them the proper way to use it. Take the time to show your children the different electrical components in the house and use them properly. If they are still too young to be using these, teach them to ask an adult for help instead of doing it themselves.

Create Rules

Once your children understand electrical safety, it is time to create some ground rules such as:

  • Don’t put fingers or objects into outlets
  • Never use electronics near water or when you are wet
  • Remove cords from outlets by the head, not the cord.
  • Avoid playing near power lines or transformers
  • Always ask an adult for help when using new electronics

Be sure to enforce these rules as well as follow them yourself!

Answer Questions

Having a curious child is excellent, but it can also be dangerous if they try to find out what happens when you put a fork in an electrical socket themselves. If your children are curious about electricity, how it works, or have those “what happens if I….” questions, answer them! Make it known to your children that you always have time to answer their questions. If you don’t know the answer, figure it out together with your children through researching together.

Make a Guide

Children need to be reminded of safe practices; electrical safety can’t be learned in a day. We recommend sitting down with your children and making a guide together. Get a poster, fun decorating tools, and quiz your child on what electrical safety rules they need to practice. Once you have a list, have fun making the guide and hang it somewhere they will see it often!

Discover Together

Electricity is an integral part of our life, and it is essential to teach your children to be curious about the systems that play so heavily into their lives. You can interactively teach your children about electricity through different experiments. You can find instructions for experiments online or through books. Just make sure that you are always present during these experiments and that you practice proper electrical safety.

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