Author: Ryan Michael

Are you getting ready to sell your home? Congratulations! However, when was the last time you had an electrical inspection? A large percentage of home fires result from faulty electrical systems; this has led the Electrical Safety Foundation International to highly recommend homebuyers to require an electrical inspection before purchasing a home. Do you think you can pass?

We all know that regularly scheduled maintenance is necessary for our homes, but how often do you think of applying this knowledge to your office space? Offices are major centers for power use, and it is critical that we keep our electrical systems functioning in tip-top shape to ensure the safety and efficiency of our staff and business. To do this, we must keep an eye out for these 7 signs our office needs electrical maintenance.

As a child, everything is a new adventure! While that is excellent for learning, it can become extremely hazardous when electricity gets involved. That is why it is critical to teach children electrical safety starting at a young age and reinforce it periodically as they grow older. Today, we are going to guide you in how to teach your children electrical safety!

Winter has undoubtedly arrived, in case you didn't notice the freezing air, chilly winds, and possibly even snow. Nobody wants to feel like Frosty the Snowman in their own homes, but electricity costs in the winter can soar through the roof when battling cold weather. You may be wondering, "how can I save on my electric bill in the winter?" Here we have provided the 3 top tips for saving money while keeping toasty warm all winter long.

It is that time of year again where you can dazzle the neighborhood with your fantastical holiday light display! Sadly, with the increase in holiday cheer also comes an increase in residential fires due to improper electrical safety set up. Whether you are putting up Santa's entire crew of elves and reindeer on the roof or you just doing some simple icicle lights, we want to help you stay safe this holiday season.

Whether you are lighting up pumpkins, featuring an electric menorah, or decorating a Christmas tree, holiday seasons can become dangerous times for electrical safety. Christmas trees alone cause hundreds of home fires each year due to electrical failures or nearby open flames. We want to help you keep your home and family safe and jolly this holiday season, which is why we are providing you with our top tips for holiday décor electrical safety.

As you look out at the bright summer day, you might be wondering, "Should I get solar panels?" Many homeowners are looking to solar panels as a way not only to be environmentally friendly but also to save, and possibly make, money. If you are thinking of getting solar panels for your home, consider the pros and cons.

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